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The York Rail Innovation Community exists to connect the depth of rail expertise in York with each other, and with innovative capabilities outside of the rail sector. 

We were formed by a group of people working in a wide variety of rail roles, all based in York who all felt we could leverage and support the depth of local knowledge and expertise better. We're an informal community, not seeking to make a profit out of YoRIC, and aiming that our events will be free to participants.

Our launch event in February 2019 was attended by nearly 100 people. Building upon the themes and aspirations from that event we are focused around three main areas:

  1. To provide a networking and knowledge sharing community for those working in and around the rail tech sector in York – through a mix of quarterly meet-ups and online forum;
  2. To showcase the rail sector to individuals and businesses aspiring to enter the sector – by hosting biennial showcase events, similar to our launch event in Febuary 2019;
  3. To fly the flag for establishing a dedicated innovation hub in the York central/Railway Museum development – creating a hands on environment to test and showcase rail innovation.

YoRIC is purely a members community – no fees, no profits, funded and facilitated by leveraging our relationships with York and rail businesses, and the support of Make It York.


Showcase rail:

  • Work with local and industry partners to host an biennial 'showcase rail' event - to showcase the opportunities in rail - including industry challenges, successes, and opportunities such as innovation funds.
  • Not just for those within the industry, but particularly to help those from outside the industry.
  • Similar to our launch event in February 2019 


  • Champion the case for a permanent space and facility in York to catalyse and support innovation.
  • Seeking co-working space and meeting facilities, but also access to rail facilities such as vehicles and track to make practical demonstrations simpler

Who is YoRIC for?

  • The industry – TOCs, FOCs, ROSCOs, infrastructure. 
    • Hear about initiatives from other sectors and connect with potential partners
  • Newcomers – businesses with innovative ideas looking to enter rail. 
    • Showcase innovations delivered in other sectors and to understand & connect with the rail industry
  • Existing suppliers. 
    • See the wider industry context and connect with potential partners
  • Funders – those looking to invest in rail innovation. 
    • See opportunities to invest and drive awareness of innovation funds 

Why York?

  • A local focus to catalyse local collaboration, but welcoming participation from across the wider region
  • Growing and diverse community of rail innovators. 
  • A city shaped by the railway revolution at the heart of the rail network. 

Why are we different?

  • Local focus – we are centred on York, though all are welcome. 
  • Depth and breadth of expertise. 
  • Real innovation – not just mobile apps and fizz. 
  • Cross domain – seeing the wider picture.
  • Members who are willing and able to take ideas and make them happen. 


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